Small Business Marketing

small business marketing

Proven Solutions in Small Business Marketing

At Marketing Solutions Ink we’ve streamlined our approach to make small business marketing easier and more affordable for small business.  Our proven formula works, and incorporates the latest technologies and tools combined with sound marketing practice, including:

•    Marketing strategy
•    Brand management
•    Lead generation
•    Internet marketing solutions
•    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Website development and copywriting

Understanding Small Business

At Marketing Solutions Ink we learn your business to understand precisely what best describes your products and services.

Our total solution to small business marketing means that through understanding, we can deliver outcomes to boost your product and service revenue, create brand awareness, generate leads, attract customers, and grow your small business.

It’s not uncommon for smaller or new businesses to fail in their first year of operation.  Why?  Most of the time failure results from poor planning, and not understanding customer behavior. 

There are many factors that influence buyers' decisions, and at Marketing Ink we can help you plan by building a strong business foundation.  This is achieved by implementing an effective marketing objective and strategy.

By knowing and understanding your key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats we can ensure that you’re implementing the right strategy for your business in today’s market.

The Internet and Small Business Marketing

The Internet can play a major role for small business success nowadays, and finding your business quickly and easily can be stressful for any business owner.  We can help you take away that pain, and do it for you.

We believe that a first impression lasts and so it is critical that your business delivers a quality online presence. We provide a range of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) web services.  Our team specialise in:

•    SEO Copywriting
•    SEO Web Design
•    Content Management Systems (CMS)

Developing an effective marketing strategy for your small business online also requires an understanding of how search engines and rank your website. Our specialist team will get your website ranked highly, so you’ll have more online visitors, more customers and more revenue.

Our services include Content Management System website technology.  This allows you to make simple word changes or change pricing whenever you like!


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Real time marketing and PR needs to be understood by the big corporations. There is a great opportunity for everyone, you just have to know how to engage! I've just been to a Real Time Marketing and PR Masterclass seminar in Sydney with David Meerman Scott!


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